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The In View Series, and the Changing Television Industry

The In View Series, and the Changing Television Industry
Too-similar television shows on competing networks, such as singing competition shows, have driven some viewers away from network TV.

The television industry, though more glamorous than other industries, still follows some of the same rules of other industries. Specifically, success begets success. Networks that see rival networks succeed score high ratings with a show may develop a similar show, hoping to enjoy similar success. This same thing often happens in sports as well. Although some of these copycat programs lead to positive results and decent ratings for the shows, the major broadcast networks face shrinking audiences and shrinking markets in many of their time slots. Unlike a generation ago, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox face more competition than ever from cable networks and cable channels, along with changing television-viewing patterns.  Many TV viewers have been turned off by shows that lack originality.

Although the networks have not reached the point of irrelevance, they no longer command the TV spectrum. Increasingly, viewers get their entertainment on demand, or from different sources than the networks.  The In View series (http://inviewseries.com), a television series that runs on cable networks and cable channels, will look at the shifting TV-viewing habits of people across the country, such as the increasing use of DVR’s, TiVo and on-demand programming.

In View hosted by Larry King airs on cable channels and cable networks across America, and also distributes its content to viewers worldwide on the internet. The internet has become a popular medium for people to catch up on their favorite shows. Many people no longer feel obligated to watch a TV show when it originally airs, because they can watch it later, and then fast-forward through the commercials. These changing habits may ultimately lead to a different financial model for the television industry.

The In View Series Examines Medical Subjects

The In View Series Examines Medical Subjects
Guard Chris Wright became the first player diagnosed with multiple sclerosis to play in the NBA earlier this year.

An NBA player, Chris Wright, made history earlier this year by becoming the first basketball player diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis to play in the National Basketball Association. Wright, a native of Washington, D.C., signed a 10-day contract with the Dallas Mavericks in March. Wright battled through episodes of the disease, which attacks nerves throughout the body. He first experienced symptoms of the disease while playing basketball for a team in Turkey. He overcame numbness in his hands and feet to eventually play in the NBA Developmental League and earn his shot with the Mavericks. The In View series, an educational TV series distributed on cable networks and major cable channels and featuring veteran radio and TV personality Larry King, looks at intriguing and encouraging health stories and medical subjects, including homeopathic diseases like multiple sclerosis.

The producers of the In View TV series (http://www.inviewseries.com) look in parts across the United States and Canada in search of notable stories of progress, advancement and achievement. An In View with Larry King producer finds fascinating stories about entrepreneurs, companies, non-profit groups, charities, cities, towns, medical facilities and other subjects. The In View Larry King show (855-446-8439) looks at examples of economic development, medical advances, economic success and business achievements.

The Larry King In View show highlights positive stories about health care, education, the environment, technology, business and other subjects.

The In View Larry King Series to Look at E-Commerce

The In View Larry King Series to Look at E-Commerce
E-commerce has become much more commonplace and safer in recent years.

It has been more than 15 years since the first major online retailer, Amazon, went into business and soon became the model all others would follow. Back then, internet security was making sure the site where you wanted to shop had SSL or secure socket layering. As e-commerce has become larger and more commonplace, the In View Series show reviews e-commerce solutions for tomorrow and how technology has changed to prevent break-ins from outside sources. Learn what works from specialists and those who are forging the path to a more secure way to conduct e-commerce for the next generation. An In View with Larry King producer will speak with online retailers across the country to learn more about effective software programs and marketing tactics.

The enlightening In View TV series examines and explores topics that reflect business and how it is conducted, tested and accomplished. The Larry King In View show (http://www.inviewseries.com) airs on cable channels and major cable networks nationwide. The In View Larry King show (561-544-7965) features fascinating interviews with leaders in their field and shares this information with viewers across America. The program is broadcast on many regional and national cable networks that are geared toward business news. More information about the show (855-446-8439) and its host is available at the official website of the In View series, or on social networking sites, including Facebook and Google+.

Retirement Planning, and the In View Larry King Show

Retirement Planning, and the In View Larry King Show
Many people have to put off retirement because they did not plan well for their golden years.

Many people wait too long to begin saving for retirement, forcing them to work longer and delay retirement to the point that they can physically no longer work. By the time they finally hang up their “working shoes,” they have precious few years left to enjoy their retirement, and they try to scrape by on what little money they receive from Social Security. Financial advisors recommend that workers begin saving early on in their careers, and continue saving throughout their working lives. Some reports show that a portion of young workers have already started doing this, perhaps in anticipation that Social Security will not exist by the time they reach retirement age. A sign of the times, many companies have cut back on employee benefits such as retirement packages and 401(k) programs. The In View TV series (http://www.inviewseries.com), an educational program hosted by TV icon Larry King, reviews a broad range of subjects, developments and stories across U.S. society, including business stories and financial stories. The In View series (855-446-8439) airs on cable networks and cable channels across the country.

The In View Larry King show (561-544-7965) will look at retirement planning strategies that can help workers as well as employers across the country. An In View with Larry King producer will speak with financial advisors and financial experts about concrete steps that workers can take to prepare for their golden years. Look for Larry King In View series on topics like this, as well as episodes on environmental topics, technology subjects, education subjects, medical topics and more on cable channels like the Discovery Channel.

Entrepreneurship, and the In View Larry King Show

Entrepreneurship in even the best of times requires faith in oneself and one’s abilities and dreams, as well as courage.  To succeed in owning one’s own business requires dedication, hard work and sound decision-making. Successful entrepreneurs often put in long hours to ensure success. They not only sacrifice their time, but at times their pay for the good of their business enterprises.  Entrepreneurship comes with great risk, but when an entrepreneur establishes an efficient and effective business plan, it can produce great financial rewards, not to mention great satisfaction. Many of America’s greatest and most prosperous companies began as modest entrepreneurial ventures that caught fire, filling needs in the marketplace.

The In View series, an enlightening and diverse cable series featuring Larry King, celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven economic growth and success across the history of America. The program, which runs on various cable channels and cable networks from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, highlights examples of flourishing entrepreneurs, and reviews various business topics that entrepreneurs will find helpful and relevant.

The In View Larry King show (561-544-7965) tackles economic and financial stories across the country, including business financing and franchise opportunities. The show’s production team seeks out stories of business achievements throughout the economy. It looks at different ways that entrepreneurs in various industries have achieved success. An In View with Larry King producer interviews individuals who have started their own businesses and gotten ahead in society.

The Larry King In View television program (855-446-8439) presents encouraging and upbeat programming about numerous topics. The In View TV series (http://www.inviewseries.com) highlights innovations and successes in education, health care, technology and other areas of American life.

In View with Larry King Exploring Technology Today


In View with Larry King is working on a number of stories that will be airing on cable channels like Fox Business and the Discovery Channel in the next few months, and many of these stories will cover innovations in the technological wonders we have in our daily lives.

The In View series is hosted by the incomparable Larry King, who brings decades of experience behind the microphone where he has interviewed thousands of the world’s most influential people. On this Larry King TV show, audiences are seeing how new technologies are bringing people closer together and also making our future a part of our present.

Audiences are also seeing other stories about people who are making a difference with ideas that are revolutionizing business, healthcare, and science. These innovators are helping to change the way we live our lives now and helping us prepare for the future.

Through sound investments, better healthcare, and new technology to keep us connected and informed, the American tomorrow looks bright, and audiences are seeing what is ahead through the In View series.

For more information on how innovators in your community can be a part of the In View Larry King series, visit the website at www.inviewseries.com or call the offices at (561) 544-7695.

Quality Programming and the In View Larry King Show

The TV program In View with Larry King (http://www.inviewseries.com) offers viewers an exceptionally provocative and informative television viewing experience. With much of today’s television programming simply empty filler, it is important to recognize TV shows that offer stimulation with educational content. In View Larry King is such a show. The Larry King TV show examines meaningful developments, trends and innovations across society, and highlights positive stories in all parts of the country.

With economic times more turbulent than ever, getting the latest news and information on trends in business becomes even more valuable. When television viewing is an investment of your time that brings a great return of education and knowledge, then you owe it to yourself to watch. Good television programs, like the In View series Larry King (561-544-7965), make you a better person and present you with powerful tools for self-empowerment.

The In View TV series stars respected broadcaster and well-known television personality Larry King, and educates viewers about many different topics. Along with business stories and business subjects, the Larry King In View program (855-446-8439) touches upon environmental subjects, education stories, medical breakthroughs and health care topics. The host of the In View series worked on CNN for a quarter-century as host of “Larry King Live.”

In View Larry King, and Education Stories

In order for America to become a more prosperous and vibrant economy, its people will have to possess diverse skills and have the ability to learn new skills. Although most young people adeptly work with technology and computers – a byproduct of having grown up in the computer age – many fall short in terms of reading and math skills. At the same time, many older Americans have had to adapt to rapidly changing work environments that increasingly rely upon technology. The United States faces the challenges of improving the education it provides for the young while re-educating older workers, to make the American workforce more competitive with other advanced countries. In a new series, the In View Larry King television program (561-544-7965) will focus on “Educating the Workforce of the 21st Century.”

In View with Larry King, a cable television show, looks at important issues, developments, stories and trends across society. In this In View series, the Larry King TV show’s producers will look at ways that educators have adopted new techniques, tools and strategies to improve how they teach students. An In View with Larry King producer will also find examples of companies that have created new services and products to aid teachers and schools.  The In View TV series (855-446-8439) will also explore programs and institutions that help older workers learn new skills and begin new careers.

The In View series Larry King (http://www.inviewseries.com) features intriguing programming about a wide range of subjects. The Larry King In View program reviews medical breakthroughs, environmental stories, and much more.

In View with Larry King, and Financial Stories

Needing to promote economic growth and prosperity to save their municipalities and their budgets, more and more leaders of cities, counties and towns across the United States enact economic development programs and policies to attract companies, encourage job creation and entice businesses to expand. Municipal leaders and officials can pursue numerous tactics and strategies to create a more conducive environment for economic growth and job creation. As local economies grow, more consumers have more money to spend, and property values tend to rise. Rising property values help cities collect more tax revenues. The In View series (855-446-8439), hosted by Larry King, will highlight some of the cities, counties and communities across America that have used economic development to thrive despite economic struggles elsewhere. The Larry King In View television series (561-544-7965) will spotlight such economic development stories nationwide.

This In View TV series (http://www.inviewseries.com) will inform viewers about specific policies and strategies that cities have used to boost economic activity, such as tax abatement, tax breaks and marketing. Business leaders, government officials and elected leaders will talk with an In View with Larry King producer about the programs and policies that have helped their cities prosper in tough economic times.  The In View series Larry King will highlight the strategies and policies that have prompted companies to relocate to a certain city or county, and will also look at how government officials and programs help local businesses thrive. In View with Larry King will educate TV audiences about how cities use these programs today, and how they have used them in the past.

The In View Larry King program focuses on upbeat stories about various parts of American society. The Larry King TV show has covered environmental subjects, education stories, financial stories, and much more.

In View with Larry King, and Insurance

When things go badly or disaster strikes, people who have purchased insurance typically bounce back faster.  The frequency with which disasters, both manmade and natural, strike has probably made many unaffected people consider what type of insurance protection they have. Consumers can purchase insurance protection for almost anything. Common insurance policies include auto insurance, homeowners insurance, flood insurance and health insurance. In View with Larry King (561-544-7965), an educational TV program carried on numerous cable television outlets, will inform TV audiences about numerous aspects of insurance, including types of insurance, what consumers need to know to make informed decisions when purchasing insurance, and more.

This In View series (http://www.inviewseries.com/) will take a look at the many kinds of insurance available to protect consumers, among other related subjects. An In View with Larry King producer will interview professionals and experts in the insurance field to get valuable insights about the many types of insurance. Larry King In View (855-446-8439) will educate viewers about disability insurance, sickness insurance, hospitalization insurance, and other types of policies that can help consumers in the event of unexpected hardships. The In View series Larry King will also feature profiles of individuals, families and businesses whose investments in insurance helped them through various challenges.

The In View TV series explores many relevant and important stories, developments and trends across American culture, and beyond. In View Larry King features episodes about medical advances, educational breakthroughs, technology, the environment, business topics, and more. Watch the Larry King TV show on the Discovery Channel, online and on other cable TV outlets.